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  • Carretos Casting

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  • Kistler Series 2 Casting Reel

    • Multiple Teflon Disk Drag Washer System for improved drag power and enhanced heat-resistance durability. 12 pounds of drag power.
    • Star Drag and Spool Tension Knob both with audible click for fine tune adjustments.
    • Deep Set Anodized Aluminum Spool for maximum line capacity.
    • Strong 1-piece aluminum frame with extremely durably matte paint that gives you a non-slip grip.
    • External Control Centrifugal Brake System designed for even ultra light lures. Never requires adjusting internally!
    • Super Strong, Oversized 4 inch, Aluminum Cranking Arm with Rubber Finger Contoured Grips.
    • 8 Extremely High Quality Stainless Steel Ball Bearings for more than 1 million smooth casts and retrieves.
    • Line Guide made from hardened Zirconia for the smoothest cast and retrieve.
    • Convenient Line Tie Port within the spool to help with spooling line easily and prevents braided line from spinning around the spool.
    • Hard Brass Pinion Gear.
    • Factory Tuned, Tested and Pre-Oiled . Go fishing and feel the fish bite!
    • Included: Box, Manual, Oil, Parts Schematic, Reel Protector Bag and Set up tips from the Pros.
    • Spare parts will be available if needed.
    • Gear Ratios:  8.1:1
    • Backed by the Trey Kistler Warranty Promise. One Year = Free repair or replacement.